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          Shenzhen Chenyu  Industria Co., Ltd is an electronics company mainly manufacturing and selling consumer electronics products such as bluetooth headphones, bluetooth speakers and USB cables. With an over 6000m2 factory workshop in Dongguan City and a big showroom office in Shenzhen, we're experienced at providing a full-set OEM/ODM service for worldwide customers. In return, we won a good reputation in the yard of consumer electronics suppliers. 

          As an ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certificated factory, we have more than 200 skilled workers and advanced facilities to ensure the safety and quality of the production, in the same time we provide safe and cheap full-set logistic service such as FOB, CFR,FCA etc, with a better leading time and safety delivery. 

          In Recent years, our team devote the time and money to "Smart" bluetooth products, especially the bluetooth sports earphones. With a strong R&D team, there will be more than 15 product proposals launched every season, among which 3-5 items are turned into operation. 

          "Customers first" is the bible concept of our management, "Innovation everywhere" is our company culture. We're looking forward to your visit and hope a great success for our cooperation.

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          Data Cables
          BT Headsets
          BT Earbuds
          Power Bank
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          Shenzhen Chenyu Industrial Co., Ltd
          Add:11M,Jindacheng Building,Shajing Center Road,Baoan district,Shenzhen
          Factory address:YangWu Second Industrial Park,Qishi Town,Dongguan
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